Hardin HD-1270 Manual Cable and Wire Stripping Machine (WS-1270)

The HD-1270 will easily remove the insulation from most cables and wire allowing you to get premium scrap prices. Independently adjustable blade and rollers allows the HD-1270 to accommodate wires ranging from 0.51mm to 17mm and in any shape including Romex, square, parallel and triangle insulation. Mounting the HD-1270 can be done by clamping the unit to the corner of any workbench or by bolting the stripper directly to the top surface. All the necessary hardware needed to mount the HD-1270 in either configuration is included.

Operating the HD-1270 is as simple as the design. To begin stripping your cable or wire, insert the beginning of the cable into the stripper and through the guide rollers. Adjust the guide rollers to secure and center the cable, adjust the blade to penetrate the outer jacket. After securing the blade, pull the cable or wire through the stripper until the insulation has been completely stripped. 2 high speed steel replaceable blades are included and can be re-sharpened.

Accommodates wires from 0.51mm to 17mm, either solid or stranded. Independently adjustable blade and rollers―smoothly strips wires of ANY shape (Romex, square, parallel, triangle, etc). Base for bolt down permanently, no extra hardware needed.

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  • With the help of adjustable blade and roller, you can easily remove the insulation from most of the cable wire, enhance your stripping efficiency
  • The mount is allowing you to mount the machine on your workbench which provided a stable working environment for you
  • Wire Cutting Range (mm): 0.51 mm to 17 mm
  • Wire Cutting Range (inches): 0.02” to 0.669”
  • Wire Cutting Range (AWG): 24 AWG to 6/0 AWG
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Model# HD-1270
UPC 645710101052

California Proposition 65

Brand Hardin
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