Big Horn 12607 250 Pocket Hole Screws, 1-Inch (25mm), #6 Fine Thread, Pan Head

This 1" fine thread, #6 square drive pan head screw works well in 1/2" thick, hardwood material such as oak, maple, hickory, cherry and walnut. The deep recess, pan head of this screw provides excellent driver engagement and is popular in framing applications involving hardwoods.

Designed for pocket-hole systems, pocket-hole screws increase the strength of a pocket-hole joint. Cut-thread pattern prevents splitting. Fine thread is for any combination of softwoods, plywood, and composites, and fine is for hardwoods.

The screw features a type 17 auger tip that self-taps its' own hole, eliminating the need to predrill in even the hardest materials. Our screws zinc plated finish and a dry-lubricant coating that eases driving torque and provides greater rust resistance.

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  • Pan head style
  • For hardwood to hardwood applications
  • #6 square drive recess fine thread
  • 1" screw
  • Recommended material thick: 1/2"
  • Square-drive prevents bit slipping while driving
  • Flat-bottom head seats firmly in pocket hole
  • Smooth shank draws the joint together
  • Self-tapping tip drills its own hole without splitting
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Model# 12607
UPC 766565126073

California Proposition 65

Brand Big Horn
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