Big Horn 14240 40M/130ft Digital Laser Distance Meter Range Finder Measure 0.03M-40M

Big Horn 14240 40M/1310ft Digital Laser Distance Meter Range Finder Measure 0.03M-40M. Bubble level equipped as a spirit level tool.  Auto correction and error report technology. Low battery indication. Automatic / manual power off function. Compact and handheld design, portable and convenient.

Designed with versatile functions and for high-precision distance measurements; Lightweight and very simple, instant, reliable to measure, a tool that get your work done significantly
easier with remarkable accuracy and fast measurement speed. Smart volume and area calculations based on measured Length, width and height, no need of manual operation any more.
Widely used in household & engineering decoration, construction, real estate, gardening, estimation etc.

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  • Single measuring, continuous measuring, area measuring, volume measuring and Pythagorean theorem
  • Area / Volume / Length accumalation & subtraction supports data hold & data browse function & supports units selection of meter, inch & feet
  • Fast easy and accurate-one key to measure, Laser precision technology-accuracy to ±0.08 inch
  • Auto/Manual power off-backlight display increased visibility in low-light conditions
  • IP54 protection (dust & splash proof)


  • Measuring range: 0.03 to 40m (0.16 to 130ft)
  • Accuracy: ±2mm (±0.08 inch)
  • Laser class: Class II
  • Laser type: 635nm, <1mW
  • Laser Power: 1mW
  • Data record: 100 records
  • Dust & Splash proof: IP 54
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C (32 ~ 104 °F)
  • Store temperature: -20 ~ 60 °C (-4 ~ 140 °F)
  • Laser Auto off: 30s
  • Power Auto off: 3min
  • Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery


  • Continuous Measurement
  • Area and Volume measurement
  • Function of Pythagorean measurement
  • Function of cumulative and regressive measurement
  • Area and volume accumulation and subtraction
  • Length accumulation and subtraction
  • Area accumulation and subtraction
  • Volume accumulation and subtraction
  • Measurement of maximum and minimum values


There will be a bit of greater differences of measurement results in harsh environment, such as strong sunlight, excessive temperature fluctuations, weak reflective surface, low battery. As to this, target reflection board as auxiliary will assist you to get a better result.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Laser Distance Meter
  • 1 x Pouch
  • 1 x Hand Holding Ribbon
  • 1 x Instruction manual
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Model# 14240
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California Proposition 65

Brand Big Horn
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