Big Horn 19299 24 oz Rubber Mallet with Fiberglass Handle

Big Horn 19299 Rubber Mallet with Fiberglass Handle.

An ideal tool to position blocks and stamp mortar beds without damaging the material. A tool of preference specially for woodworkers.

Extremely consumer friendly as it prevents marking and the handle provides comfortable operation even over long jobs. Strong, reliable and chip resistant this is perfect for any shop, garage or construction site.

Can also be used for forcing tight-fitting parts together, for shifting plasterboard into place, in upholstery, and a variety of other general purposes including some toys.

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  • Delivers all the striking power of a hammer with a gentle touch
  • The rubber head cushions blows to not mar or dent the surface
  • Handle and head are perfectly balanced for sure swings and continual use
  • Professional mallet used to tap tile into thinset adhesive
  • The synthetic rubber head is designed to minimize bounce back and vibration
  • Head Material: High Density Rubber
  • Head Weight: 24 oz
  • Handle color: Yellow / Black
  • Length: 13-1/8"
  • Face Diameter: 2-1/2"
  • Head Length: 4-3/16"
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Model# 19299
UPC 766565192993

California Proposition 65

Brand Big Horn
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