Latest News

    10224, 10226 & 10227 Plastic Magnetic Push Sticks

June 08th, 2018

Featuring comfortable and ergonomic handle, Big Horn now offers plastic magnetic push sticks in multiple colors. Ideal for use with all jointers and table saws and has magnets for your storage right on the cast iron work table. Guides wood and ensures your safety during sawing and cutting.

    19338 Adjustable Hole Saw Replacement Blades

February 12th, 2018

Manufactured with high carbon steel, Big Horn now brings multipurpose adjustable hole saw replacement blades that will cut plywood, laminates, composite boards, gypsum board, plastic, dry wall, rubber and many other materials. Blades are high quality and will make smooth accurate cuts. Available in 2 pack.

    19318 - Blade for Bench Plane No. 4

January 29th, 2018

Presenting high carbon steel blade for the Big Horn 19316 Smoothing Bench Jack. Premium quality construction ensures that blade gives impressive performance throughout its life.

    19317 - 6-1/4-Inch Contractor Grade Adjustable Block Plane

January 29th, 2018

Big Horn has now in stock high quality Block Plane with fully adjustable, low blade angle for planing end grain and difficult wood. Heavy cast-iron body is finely machined for precision work and lever cap and adjusting mechanism assure solid, accurate blade alignment. High-carbon steel blade hones to a sharp, long-lasting edge.

    19316 - 9-Inch Adjustable Smoothing Bench Plane No. 4

January 29th, 2018

Big Horn now offers high quality Adjustable Smoothing Bench Plane featuring heavy, stress-relieved ductile iron castings, fully machined adjustable frogs and high carbon steel blade. Rear tote and increased diameter of the blade adjustment wheel make advancing the blade easy.