Big Horn 12614 Premium 3-Inch Face Clamp

This Classic Premium Face Clamp offers increased reach and clamping capacity. Features a 3" reach and clamps materials up to 2-3/4" thick. Classic Face Clamps are designed for creating perfectly flush Joints, and they work great for lots of other shop and project tasks that require solid clamping without marring.

These clamps feature large clamp pads that distribute clamping force evenly and hold pieces flush during assembly. When used in Joinery, the extra-large clamp face gets positioned on the 'show' side of the joint. The large pad on one arm is placed directly across the top of the joint line. This helps create a perfectly flush joint as the screws are driven.

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  • 3" Face Clamp is ideal for pocket hole joinery, construction of woodworking, project construction, welding and repairs
  • The jaw has a 3" reach and is for clamping on a variety of materials and thicknesses up to 2-3/4"
  • Unique clamp designed specifically for Pocket-Screw Joinery
  • Used primarily for securing individual joints while Pocket-Screws are being driven
  • The large face of the clamp keeps the joint perfectly flush. Helps create a flush joint during pocket-hole assembly
  • Uniquely designed both to hold the joint line flush while screws are driven and to secure our portable Jigs into place on the workpiece
  • New ergonomic comfort grip reduces slipping and eliminates the possibility of pinching
  • Metal swivel pads ensure there is no marring on your workpiece and distributes clamping force evenly
  • The adjustable capacity thumb screw knobs allow for quick and easy adjustment of jaw capacity
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Model# 12614
UPC 766565126141

California Proposition 65

Brand Big Horn
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